Home Inspection – What to Expect

Twelve issues commonly found during home inspections; especially in homes built more than 10 or 15 years ago. These things are easily remediated; as such, it is not a bad idea to run through the list and nip some in the bud if you can!

Once, the house is SOLD and you have made it through attorney review the buyers will schedule their inspection.  During or after the initial inspection you can expect that the following inspections may also be scheduled”

  • Level II Chimney inspection – common
  • Tank Sweep – common
  • Wood Destroying Insect inspection – mandatory for buyer’s mortgage application
  • Sewer line inspection – not common
  • Septic Inspection – if applicable
  • Pool Inspection – if applicable
  • Mold/Air Quality – if necessary
  • Roof inspection – if necessary
  • Structural Engineer – if necessary

Additional tips for surviving the inspection period: I advise that you NOT be at home during the inspection. You might think you can help, but you really cannot. The inspector has seen tons of homes, and probably knows where everything is! The buyers and their agent will be uncomfortable if you are there.  If they have questions, they will call me and I’ll get them what they need.

While I will typically get a preview of how the inspection went, we will not hear anything official until the report comes out. Sometimes their requests may be different than what the agent tells me.

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