Things You May Hear Us Say

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “I don’t know how you do it”, I might not have to ever sell another house again! Here’s the thing, you may only buy or sell a house once or twice every five to ten YEARS. I do it once or twice every five to ten DAYS!

It is not easy having your house on the market. I make every effort to ease some of the stress, but we are all only human – we get antsy, we get angry, we get sad… The best I can do for you is to set expectations, ease some of the blow and filter out some of the noise.

Real estate transactions follow an easy to state transaction flow – sign some papers, advertise the house, let people walk through, have an open house, get an offer, negotiate the offer, have an inspection, have an appraisal, do the repairs, do a walk through, go to closing, hand over keys.

Easy, right? Not really. Sure, there are some easy ones, and there are some really really hard ones. The fun part? –>> No two deals are ever the same! But since I do so many transactions, it’s rare that I come across an issue that we haven’t seen before in some capacity or another.

There are some things that I see over and over again – as such, there are somethings I can guarantee you’ll hear me say, maybe over and over again!

Here are some of the more common ones:

It is what it is… some things can’t be changed. Typically heard when talking about price relative to location.

Less is always more… When talking about staging. Or contract terms.

Take care of the little things – Relevant when talking about getting the house ready to list. If there are noticeable repairs required, buyers will see them and wonder what might be wrong that they can’t see. 

You sell a house, you buy a home – you aren’t selling your home, your home is going with you. You are selling a house that will be someone else’s home. This is important to keep in mind when hearing me (or a staging professional or a potential buyer) criticize your choice of paint color, furniture placement or fine arts.

Now is better than later because you never know what might happen between “now” and “then”.

Always counter – It doesn’t matter where they start, it’s where they end up. I will ALWAYS say this when we get a low offer. Often, it’s the response to a counter that tells us how serious a buyer is

The closing date is a target, sometimes it’s a moving target.                                                                                           

This part is like a bad chapter in a really good book – we’ll get to the closing table and this part will eventually be a fading memory. A reminder often stated during an inspection negotitaion.

The seller doesn’t come with the house – also often stated during an inspection negotiation when we are representing the buyer.

If we can smell it, we can’t sell it – smoke, pets, spices

I’m sorry.  I’m sorry the agent rescheduled last minute.  I’m sorry their buyer left the lights on, or the toilet seat up.  I’m sorry the agent isn’t responding to my requests for feedback.

For more information about things I might say, you’ll have to give me a call! I’m happy to go through the process and ask any other questions you might about the process.

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