Should I be Home for Showings?

Should I be home for showings? Is it okay for me to step out the back yard or stay in a different part of my house while it is being shown? No, you shouldn’t be home; even if you stay out of sight. We respectfully ask that you allow buyers to tour your home with their Realtor. They have a reasonable expectation of privacy while shopping for a home. I pledge to be available to buyers and/or buyer agents to answer any questions they may have. So let’s give buyers their space while they are touring your home and again when they are there with their inspectors.

Here is video #14: Should I Be Home for Showings? A quick video about buying and selling real estate in NJ.

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Should I be home for showings?
30 Videos in 30 Days – get smarter about buying and selling real estate.

Why are we doing these videos? Because I LOVE a challenge! About three weeks ago my sales manager challenged me to create 30 videos in 30 days – answering a question a day. The purpose is to educate my clients, their friends and family and anyone else who might find me and my team on the world wide web! I am creating these videos off-the-cuff, unedited and unscripted, designed to make the viewer a little smarter about buying and selling real estate in NJ!

Remember that we have a big network – not limited to Basking Ridge or even Somerset County. We are licensed in the state and can refer you to other agents all across the country – so let us be your first call!

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