Top 10 Recommendations for Enhancing the Value of your Home

When we are called to discuss a marketing proposal for the sale of a house one of the services we provide is a list of potential buyer objections and a corresponding list of enhancements that might mitigate those objections.

These recommendations might look like the following:

  • Offer a home warranty – given the age of the mechanicals and what you know about the appliances (Berkshire Hathaway partners with Cinch)
  • Replace the light fixture in the dining room to avoid any negotiating
  • Washer and Dryer are negotiable
  • Keep packing – it is okay to use the garage for storage.


  • Remove some furniture from the living room – first impression should be that the room is a little larger that it is currently showing to be
  • Clean the windows
  • Pack some of the closets
  • Clean the carpet


  • Clean out the basement
  • Finish the backsplash
  • Finish the sunroom renovation
  • Repair the shutters that have damage
  • Grind the stump – skipping this is probably okay, your curb appeal is really great!
  • Purchase a home warranty to accommodate any objections that arise due to the age of some of the major systems.

I offer either three hours with a stager or three hours with a handyman to address minor repairs (before listing or after home inspection).

You can Google all day long and find lots of recommended home improvement projects with predictions on their ROI. But I’ll make it easy for you! Take a look at this list:

  1. Paint – inside and out – not too costly and has huge return
  2. Replace your front door – 10% ROI; especially if replaced with a steel door
  3. Increase storage space – outfit or expand the closets; there are many low-cost storage solutions that will maximize the space you do have
  4. Replace the windows – excellent return, albeit a little costly. Double and triple pane windows are best and wood frame is a better investment than vinyl though we are talking better than 75% return in either case.
  5. Curb Appeal – this might be the most important thing you can do. First impressions are SO important and a lack of maintenance outside can lead buyers to assume a lack of maintenance on the inside as well. Let’s just make this a non-issue! Cut the lawn, spread some mulch, even out a bumpy front walkway, get a new mailbox…etc.
  6. Add a deck, or a patio, or create some sort of outdoor living space.
  7. Swap out the old, or builders grade, light fixtures – updating interior lighting improves appearances and increases the perceived quality of those homes decor. Add task lighting in the garage or basement workshop. Under-mount lighting in the kitchen is another nice touch.
  8. Updating a bathroom yields over 60% ROI – and it doesn’t have to be a complete renovation; swap out fixtures, improve the look and function f the room. No need for major plumbing or electrical projects.
  9. Spruce up the kitchen – again, no need for a major renovation. Change the counter tops and reface the cabinets. Ask a Realtor before you buy restaurant quality appliances – it might be overkill in your market.
  10. Replace the garage doors – many homeowners wouldn’t even think about this project, but it improves curb appeal, enhances access to the home and contributes to home security. This upgrade yields an 88% return.

Note: this list and corresponding ROI numbers were culled from an article on the Movoto Foundation website which sourced from Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report.

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