When is the Final Walkthrough?

Q. (From a buyer): When should I schedule my final walkthrough and how much time should I allow? What am I looking for when I’m there?

A. Your final walk through should be scheduled before your closing. This is your opportunity to ensure that everything in the house is as you’d expect it to be. For example – all fixtures and appliances that are staying are still there, and any that were excluded are not. You want to make sure that there was no damage caused by the movers. Did they cap the wires that were left when they took the chandelier that was excluded? Did they leave dishes in the dishwasher, or clothes in dryer? (Yes, I’ve had that happen :)).

If there were extensive repairs done after the home inspection you have likely already seen the receipts and permits for the work that was done but you might want to take a few extra minutes to take a look at the results. You are looking for the house keys, the garage door openers and any appliance manuals that may have been left.

This is not a time for a second home inspection – that’s really not necessary. It should be a quick run through to ensure that you aren’t left holding a big garbage bag!

I don’t suggest doing the walkthrough the day before closing – there could be a hurricane that night that drops a tree across your driveway (yup, that one’s happened too :))

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