What is Your Home’s Current Market Value?

Why do you need to know your home’s current market value, how might you find it and how do you know if it’s accurate? There are quite a few reasons; the most obvious being that you want to sell the house and need to determine a fair list price. Another reason might be a need to tap on the equity to use for home improvements or unexpected medical bills or college tuition! Did you even know that was an option? Over the last 12 to 24 months, homeowners in the United States have gained an average of $57,000 in equity. Home Equity lines of credit are typically closed at a relatively low interest rate, and you can borrow and pay back as you need. Need to know more? Contact Brian at Rate.com!

For Sale in Basking Ridge – is your home’s current market value similar?

How can you find your home’s current market value? You can surf the web for public record values. Sites like Zillow and Trulia and Realtor.com all have estimates based on public records tweaked to account for current market conditions.

You can pay for a bank appraisal – those reports are a little better than what you’d find online, but the aren’t free.

The BEST option, in my humble opinion, is to CONTACT ME!

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